Treat Dry Eye Before Eye Surgery

Treat dry eyes before laser vision correction, LASIK, cataract surgery | Burlington County Eye PhysiciansIf you are considering laser vision correction, including LASIK, cataract surgery or the Symfony IOL, we stress the importance of treating any evidence of dry eye prior to your planned vision correction.  

Moderate and severe dry eye must be addressed before any of our patients can realistically consider a vision correction procedure.  This includes cataract surgery.  

Dry Eye Changes Refractive Error

Dry eye is a very common condition.  Dry eye affects over 300 million people worldwide.  The prevalence of dry increases with age, but it does affect both older and younger patients.

The success of all of our vision correction procedures such as LASIK, cataract surgery or the Symfony IOL (improves near vision loss from presbyopia in patients needing cataract surgery) relies on the health of the corneal surface.

The corneal surface is the most important component of the refractive power of your eye.  The corneal surface provides most of the focusing power of your eye and it is imperative we obtain accurate measurements of your cornea prior to scheduling laser vision correction (LASIK) and cataract surgery, including the Symfony IOL.  

We can’t do this effectively if your dry eye is not under control.  

Treat Dry Eye First

Dry eye specifically affects the corneal surface which is crucial to laser settings for any laser vision correction procedure and can influence keratometry readings important for vision correction, the Symfony IOL and cataract surgery.

If you have evidence of dry eye, we will recommend the latest state-of-the-art treatment to get you on the way to improving your vision and exceeding your visual expectations!

Dry eye treatments can include topical artificial lubricants, prescription eye drops to improve tear production, or oral supplements.  During your evaluation, we will tailor the most appropriate dry eye therapy for you that will allow you to reduce your symptoms and move forward to improve your vision!

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