Ptosis Repair

How Do I Know if Insurance Covers Eyelid Surgery in NJ? Part Two

A guide to further factors that determine if insurance covers eyelid surgery, and cosmetic financing options. In part one of our checklist used in deciding if insurance covers eyelid surgery, we discovered determining factors within photos taken at time of consultation. The final component insurance companies look for is the Humphrey Visual Field test. The…

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How Do I Know if Insurance Covers Eyelid Surgery in NJ? Part One

A detailed explanation of how a surgeon determines if insurance covers eyelid surgery. Possibly the most common question prospective patients have is whether or not insurance covers eyelid surgery. There are several factors that need to be considered when answering this question, especially regarding surgery that corrects drooping eyelids, or ptosis repair. While the answer to…

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Eye Doctor in Willingboro

Find an Eye Doctor in Willingboro Burlington County Eye Physicians is a full service practice providing care to patients in Wiilingboro NJ. You’ll find an eye doctor in Willingboro.  We accept most insurance plans. Services include routine eye examinations, contact lens fitting, cataract, glaucoma, retina oculoplastics and optometry. An ambulatory surgical center is on-site, so…

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