Droopy Eyelid Surgery Performed by Specialist Eye Doctor in Moorestown, NJ

Rejuvenate your appearance with droopy eyelid surgery!

droopy eyelid surgery- before and after

75 year-old woman with weak
upper eyelid muscle due to aging.
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Are you noticing your eyelids appear to be half-open? You wake up feeling rested, yet your eyelids are still giving off a tired/ sleepy look? Has your field of vision been significantly decreased because of the droopiness? Luckily, there is a minimally invasive, permanent droopy eyelid surgery that takes years off of your eyes.

What causes Ptosis?

Ptosis (pronounced “toe-sis”) is the medical term for droopy eyelid(s). There are several factors that aid in the development of ptosis. These could include congenital weakness, a traumatic event, neurological diseases, or weakening of the muscle due to age. The specific cause of ptosis can be narrowed down to two separate types:


The most common cause of ptosis is involutional, which is the gradual stretching and subsequent weakening of the tissue within the upper eyelid. This tissue supports the lid, and when it no longer has elasticity, the eyelids will droop. This is not only a factor of the aging process, but can also account for ptosis in chronic contact lens wearers.


Within our upper eyelids exists the levator muscle. The levator muscle is responsible for raising the eyelid. Oftentimes, as we age the levator muscle begins to stretch and loses its ability to lift the eyelid, causing droopy eyelids.

How is Ptosis corrected?

The only way to permanently correct correct ptosis is through a droopy eyelid surgery that typically lasts an hour and only needs to be done under a local anesthetic (no IV sedation necessary!) Through ptosis repair, a small incision is made in the upper eyelid. Through this incision, a surgeon is able to correct and tighten the levator muscles, which restores its ability to function.

Ptosis repair can be considered cosmetic or functional, which is determined by your surgeon through several factors. Whether it is covered by insurance or is an out of pocket expense to you, ptosis repair has the ability to help you look as good as you feel. Not sure if droopy eyelid surgery is right for you? Downloading our eBook will help guide you through this significant decision.