Symfony Intraocular Lens for Cataract and Presbyopia

Tecnis Symfony Extended Range of Vision IOL | Burlington County Eye PhysiciansThe Tecnis Symfony IOL (intraocular lens) is now FDA-approved for patients with both cataracts and presbyopia.  Both distance vision and near vision (presbyopia) can be improved with the same IOL.  The results are outstanding and we are noting better quality of vision compared to older methods.

The Tecnis Symfony Toric IOL has also been approved for patients with astigmatism.

Both lenses are indicated for the treatment of cataracts and certain patients over the age of 40 with presbyopia (near vision loss).  It may also be used for patients interested in clear lens extraction.

Features of Symfony

The Symfony Intraocular Lens:

  • Provides “Extended Depth of Focus”
  • First and only IOL for presbyopia
  • Improved image contrast compared to other IOLs
  • Reduced levels of visual disturbances

Since its approval, we have offered this to many of our patients and have had impressive results.  The distance vision achieved with the Symfony is comparable to the traditional monofocal IOL, yet the quality of the of vision is just as notable with fewer complaints of glare or halos.

Presbyopia Correcting

The near vision improvements surpass our experience with other lenses.  The extended range of focus allows our patients to more comfortably shift focus at varying depths.  The blurriness and strain of seeing at near or intermediate distances (while reading or using a computer) are corrected allowing our patients to see comfortably and well without issues.

Is Symfony For You?

Arrange a consultation to determine if the Symfony IOL can improve your distance vision and presbyopia.  A complete eye examination will be performed by any of our board-certified eye doctors.

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