Proceeding with Your Cataract Surgery

A Step by Step Guide to Understanding Cataract Surgery

Gregory Scimeca MD | Cataract Specialist Willingboro, Moorestown Millville

  This reference should provide you with all the pertinent information for you to have a complete understanding about cataracts and the process of scheduling your cataract surgery.

This guide has been designed for patients with cataracts who need cataract surgery now or in the near future.

I will be your surgeon.  I am the medical director of our group and the cataract specialist.  I have performed tens of thousands of cataract surgeries over my career, which means that my team and I have tremendous experience with not only the cataract surgery, but the pre-operative care and post-operative care.

Below you will find all kinds of information about your cataract surgery.  If at any time, you have questions, please call us.

Gregory Scimeca, M.D.
Medical Director

Learn More About Your Cataract Surgery

What is a Cataract?
When is a Cataract Ready?
Choosing an Intraocular Lens Implant
The Symfony IOL
Premium Lenses
Cataract Surgery | What to Expect
After Your Cataract Surgery


Where Will My Cataract Surgery be Performed?

All cataract surgery will be performed at the Surgical Center of Burlington County with the exception of our Millville (NJ) patients who will have their cataract surgery next door at The Eye Surgicenter of New Jersey.

BCEYE | Cataract Surgicenter | Gregory Scimeca MD

We strive to treat each and every one of our patients as our own family. Your understanding about cataract surgery and managing your expectations are of vital importance to our success. – G. Scimeca, M.D.

Questions or Scheduling

If you have questions about your cataract surgery or if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss the possibility of cataract surgery, please CALL US (609.877.2800).