Presbyopia | Normal Loss of Near Vision

Presbyopia | Causes Symptoms Treatment | BCEYEPresbyopia, or near vision loss, happens to everyone.  Just like cataracts and grey hair, presbyopia is a naturally occurring event.  It usually occurs around the age of 40.

Presbyopia results with natural weakening of our ability to accommodate; to focus at near objects such as reading.

Symptoms include difficulty reading and reading small print.  In the early stages of near vision loss, patients tend to hold things farther away to compensate for the inability to focus at a normal reading distance.  This is a temporary fix.  Headaches, dizziness and blurred distance vision can all result with this normal difficulty with accommodation.

What Causes Presbyopia?

Your natural lens inside the eye constantly changes shape to focus at varying distances.   The lens is very elastic and flexible when we are young, but becomes more rigid and stiff.  The tiny muscles which change the shape of the lens are also strongest when we are born.

During the aging process, the lens becomes inelastic and the ciliary muscles (focusing muscles) become weaker.  The combination of events makes makes it more difficult to focus at near.

During the early stages, it is easier to hold objects farther away, but as presbyopia progresses,  our arms just are not long enough.  With time, you will become more dependent upon your “reading glasses” for reading, computer use, smartphone, etc.

Treatment for Presbyopia

Reading glasses, bifocals and trifocals are the usual “treatment” for near vision loss.  These are prescribed to focus objects using your near vision so you do not rely on your weakening ability to accommodate.

Intraocular lenses (IOL), such as the Symfony IOL, are now available to improve your near vision lost by presbyopia.  We have had tremendous results in our patients requiring cataract surgery who also suffer from presbyopia.  In our experience, most patients who require cataract surgery, due to age, also have significant presbyopia.

The Symfony Intraocular Lens has unique optics allow unprecedented improvement in both near vision and distance vision.

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