When is a Cataract “Ripe”? | When Do You Need Cataract Surgery?

The Timing of Cataract Surgery | When is a Cataract Ripe? | Burlington County Eye Physicians and SurgeonsThe timing of cataract surgery depends upon each individual patient.  The analogy of a cataract being “ripe” is correct in that there is a right time to consider surgery, but unlike a piece of fruit, a cataract does not really spoil.

Common symptoms of cataracts include blurry vision, dim vision requiring more light, yellowed vision with dull colors and glare.  Sometimes you can even get double vision in one eye.  When driving at night with oncoming headlights glare and halos are common.

We will want to know if your vision is affecting quality of  your life and, if so, in what ways?

Quality of Life

There are several considerations to determine if you are ready to remove your cataract.  In essence, how bad is your vision?  Answer the questions below to determine if you are ready for cataract surgery.

  1. Is your vision affecting your daily activities?  How about your ability to work?
  2. Can you see well enough to drive safely at night?
  3. Do you still enjoy your hobbies and sports?

Most of our patients who elect to have cataract surgery do so when they are unable to enjoy their sports and hobbies.  Reading has become more of a chore and is tiring.  Many of our patients have trouble functioning with their daily routines.

If you are having trouble with your vision and suspect you may have cataracts, give us a call for a complete eye exam.  Decreased vision can occur from a variety of problems and it is very important to confirm the diagnosis of cataract.

Delaying Cataract Surgery

If you are not quite ready to consider surgery, there are a few ways to delay your cataract surgery.

Changing glasses often improves your vision during the early stages of cataracts.  Increased near-sightedness is common.  When changing your glasses does not improve your vision to your satisfaction or you find that you need to change your spectacles too often, cataract surgery may be necessary.

Brighter lighting, magnifying glasses, polarized sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat are simple tools which may decrease the symptoms of cataracts.

Will Cataract Surgery Improve Your Vision?

We will only recommend cataract surgery if we believe cataract surgery will improve your vision or if the cataracts are impairing our ability to diagnose and treat other eye diseases.

It is very important to us that your visual expectations are the same as ours when considering cataract surgery.  Though cataract surgery is the most common elective surgery in the United States, individual situations and circumstances can vary.  We do everything we can to understand your needs and manage your expectations.

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