Skin rejuvenation offers the opportunity to refine your appearance; making your skin look and feel more healthy and attractive. It can reduce wrinkles, sun spots and loose skin, improve skin texture and color, remove blotches or damaged blood vessels and hair removal.

Burlington County Eye Physicians offers a few different types of skin rejuvenation procedures:

Harmony Laser Advanced Flouorescence Technique (AFT)

The Harmony laser provides innovative technology for over 60 FDA approved indications, including:

  • Vascular lesions
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Hair removal
  • Pigmented lesions

The treatments are fast due to the laser’s large spot size, and there is no downtime.

Hair Removal
The Harmony AFT for hair removal works for all skin types and the broadest range of hair colors. On average, 5-7 treatments scheduled 4-6 weeks apart are all that separates you from permanent hair removal. There is very little discomfort compared with electrolysis and absolutely no downtime. Hair removal anywhere on the face and body is now possible.

Pigmented Lesions
Whether you call them sun spots, age spots, liver spots, or brown spots, pigmented lesions are the result of sun damage to the skin. The Harmony AFT for pigmented lesions now allows you to rid yourself of these lesions, restoring your skin to its former self.

Vascular Lesions
From broken capillaries to congenital lesions, the Harmony AFT is able to eliminate these from the face and body. Quick, painless treatments with no downtime are the advantage of the Harmony Advanced Fluorescence Technique, which provides safer and more effective treatment results than other intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments.

For further information, or to schedule any cosmetic procedures, please contact us.