Clear Lift IPL


Clear away aging skin with ClearLift’s advanced laser technology.  ClearLift represents the latest alternative to skin resurfacing and cosmetic surgery.

ClearLift takes years off of your face in just minutes, providing similar results to chemical peeling and laser resurfacing. Treatment is virtually painless and has absolutely no downtime, making it the first laser treatment for sensitive areas of the body including necks, décolleté, and around the eyes.

ClearLift represents a breakthrough in cosmetic laser technology. It emits short, yet extremely powerful bursts of light which reach underneath the skin’s surface; stimulating collagen and breaking apart unwanted pigmentation.

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The unique characteristic of ClearLift is the fractional pattern which doesn’t ablate the skin. By avoiding damage to the outer later, treatment becomes virtually painless, results are quicker, and there’s absolutely no downtime.

BA ClearLift Neck1
BA ClearLift Neck2

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