Finding the Best Cataract Surgeon

Finding the Best Cataract Surgeon | Burlington County Eye PhysiciansCataract surgery is quite common.  You probably know someone who has already had cataract surgery.  How do you find the best cataract surgeon?

You are likely to start your research from word of mouth and the Internet.  Here are some tips and questions to consider when looking for the best cataract surgeon.

Questions to Ask Your Friends

You probably will be talking with someone who recently had cataract surgery.  Here are some questions you might ask:

  • Quality of the staff – was the staff friendly and courteous?   A friendly and courteous staff is usually reflective of the doctor.
  • Billing – were finances clear and consistent?  Medical billing can be very confusing.  For instance, there are usually 3 sources of fees associated with cataract surgery:  the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and the facility (hospital) will all have separate fees.
  • Doctor – did he/she take time to answer all questions, discuss all options and alternatives?  Not everyone is the same when it comes to cataract surgery.  Most eye centers have options with regard to the type of IOL (intraocular lens implant) to be used during the surgery.
  • Results – were the visual results as expected?  Were there complications?
  • Follow Up Care – how often were appointments recommended?

Questions for the Doctor

Once you have decided where to go, here are some questions or talking points for the doctor.

  • Experience – How many eye surgeries has he/she performed?  The more procedures performed, the less likely unforeseen complications may occur.  There is no guarantee, but experience does matter.
  • Intraocular Lens – Does he/she recommend “premium” IOLs?  Premium IOLs, such as the Symfony IOL, may be indicated if you are considering to be “glasses free.”
  • Glaucoma Treatment – Can you treat other conditions, such as glaucoma, at the time of cataract surgery?
  • Facility – Where do you operate?  Most cataract surgery is done as an outpatient in surgical centers well experienced with eye surgery.  You want your docs assistants to be experienced, too.  In addition, out of pocket costs to the patient tend to be lower in outpatient centers compared to a hospital.
  • Follow Up Care – Who will provide follow up care?  Post-operative care is often shared with another doctor, perhaps your own primary eye care doctor may participate in your follow up.

In the end, finding the best cataract surgeon will depend upon your “gut” after meeting with the staff, visiting the center and talking with the doctor.  Not every doctor is actually the “best” for every patient.  You want to find the doctor who you trust and who understands your needs and expectations.

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