Eye Health and Screen Time During COVID

Dr. Dana Cianni shares this educational video discussing the various ways you can maintain eye health and safety.  The video was made during the pandemic and as our children our returning to school…virtually.

How do you keep your eyes healthy with increased screen time?

Reduce Screen Time

This has been growing concern among parents even before the pandemic about the amount of time our kids are on the screen.  With increased distance learning, i.e. even more screen time, how do we keep our kids safe?

Dr. Cianni has these recommendations for maintaining eye health and safety.

20-20-20 Rule 

Take frequent breaks.  Use the 20-20-20 rule:

  • For every 20 minutes of screen time
  • Look 20 feet away in the distance
  • For 20 seconds

This simple change will help you reduce and readjust your focus and relieve eye strain associated with extended focusing at near. 

Lengthen and Increase Working Distance

The closer you sit to your computer and the closer your hold your phone, the more your eyes must converge and force the eyes to focus at near objects.

Keep your distance!  Keep your devices at arm’s length.  Decrease the amount of work you demand on your eyes by increasing your working distance. 

Blue Light Emission

Blue light certainly affects our biorhythms and may cause retinal damage.  Excessive blue light impacts our melatonin levels and may disrupt our sleep patterns.  

Evidence suggests blue light may lead to retinal damage.  How much is too much, we don’t know.  

Prescription glasses can be tailored to your specific visual needs and provide you with the best UV and blue light protection compared to generic and over-the-counter products. 

Dr. Cianni has some great advice on how to reduce the amount of blue light emitted from your device.  It’s under YOUR control!

Get Outside

Dr. Cianni talks about a correlation between increased myopia (nearsightedness) and time spent indoors.

Watch the video to see why.

Stay safe!