Excess Eyelid Skin is a Quick Fix with Oculofacial Surgery in NJ

Reverse the signs of aging by eliminating excess eyelid skin!

excess eyelid skin removed

A 52 year old woman before and after
undergoing upper eyelid Blepharoplasty.
Surgery has taken years off of her face!


As we age, excess eyelid skin becomes more and more apparent whenever we look in the mirror. Since this skin is so thin and delicate, the signs of aging are quick to develop and highly noticeable. When creams and lotions no longer work, there is an immediate and long-term solution.


What is Blepharoplasty?

Over time, our skin tends to sag or loosen, and this disturbs the natural contour of the eyelid. This condition is called dermatochalasis. Blepharoplasty is a surgical treatment that removes this excess eyelid skin and fatty tissue. It is considered to be a quick, fairly non-invasive procedure that can be done within an hour under local anesthesia. In, upper lid Blepharoplasty, the incisions are placed in the eyelid crease and are virtually invisible once the eyelids are healed. In lower lids, extremely precise and fine suturing techniques are used so as to not disturb or manipulate the natural shape and contour of the eyes. Surgery can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids, or all four for an optimal improvement. In certain cases, the excess eyelid skin is so severe that it may hinder a patient’s vision. In these instances, Blepharoplasty may be covered by insurance.


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