Alysson S. Mass, O.D.

Dr. Alysson Mass OD | Cataract Surgery | Symfony IOL | Laser Vision Correction LASIK | Millville NJ | Millville NJ | Willingboro | MoorestownAs a comprehensive optometrist with Eye Professionals,  I see patients in the Millville, New Jersey office, Willingboro and Moorestown.

I see patients for routine eye exams, contact lens evaluations, pediatric examinations and dry eye syndrome.  In addition, I provide co-managed care along with several of our physicians including Dr. Scimeca.

Comprehensive Eye Care in Millville

We offer comprehensive eye care to our Millville patients.  In addition to my special interests, we offer cataract surgery, LASIK, vision correction for presbyopia, retina, glaucoma and oculoplastic eye care as well.

After a complete eye examination, including dilation of your pupils, I enjoy spending time educating and teaching my patients about their sight or eye disease.

If surgery is a potential option, we will talk about non-surgical options, too, so that my patients can make an educated and well-informed decision about their eye care.  If surgery is an option, I will set up an appointment with our appropriate eye specialist.

We make every attempt to insure that your expectations agree with your visual needs.

Cataract Surgery at Millville Surgery Center

I often co-manage patients requiring cataract surgery with Dr. Scimeca.  He is the cataract specialist at the Millville office.

Patients in our Millville location have their cataract surgery performed by Dr. Scimeca right next door to our Millville office on High Street.  It is an outpatient surgery center which specializes in cataract surgery.

There is no need for travel or the inconvenience navigating a new location!

After cataract surgery is finished, I will often perform the post-operative care.  This seamless continuity of care is special and unique to the Millville area.

Symfony Lens Implant Now in Millville

We now have a solution for our Millville patients who require cataract surgery and have presbyopia.  The Symfony lens is FDA approved to treat both conditions and we are very pleased with the results!

What ever your visual need, I look forward to meeting you in Millville, NJ, Willingboro or Moorestown.

Alysson Mass, O.D.
Comprehensive Eye Specialist
Dry Eye Specialist